Peace and Creativity

Photography by Me: Jamaal E.

Copyright Tuchesuavae 2013

Memphis TN. And our mayor and police swat caged us, surrounded us had snipers on the roof watching us, on horse back toward us, The KKK was guided in the cops backs turned to them while a literal city block of armed to the teeth swat, snipers, horse mounted cops, sheriffs, etc all faced the very peaceful protesters, photographers, and journalist. All of which were denied access to the clan to photograph, interview, or document. Not even news channels like fox and the like. Then aggressively threatened us with jail time if we didn’t disperse from the public area after the rally was over. More over earlier at a public park a block away another group who had the for sight no to go in to the caged are was forcibly removed from a public park where they were discussing strategy by a squad of swat. The KKK was not challenged, we were not allowed t argue stances, and several of our constitutional and civil rights were violated that day. The KKK said they had a great time and That the police did what they were supposed to and that they were treated great and will be returning soon. Welcome to the south.